About The Crew

We are a project group with about 15 members, nearly all students from the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria. Each and every one of us has its own specialization in different parts of Film, Visual Effects and Management & Producing as well as other disciplines in Art and Design. We all already collected a lot of project experiences in different movie and multimedia-productions. Realizing this project describes the summit of our Master Study-Program MultiMediaArt.

We initially started the project in the end of 2012 only with an idea to make a film about drones. After the first three months we specified the topic and extended the team finding specialists for every position within the project. At the moment we are close to the finish line completing several VFX shots. The finalization of the movie is planned for the mid of 2015. The short film as a result will be a mix of live action footage and visual effect elements.